Mirror aluminum plate
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Place of Origin: Foshan, Guangdong


Raw materials: mirror aluminum or stainless steel

Specification: 600X600mm

Packing: new view carton packing (adding foam or hard paper backing)

Quality assurance: original factory produces powder spray, quality assurance! Indoor use, 10 years of the same color!


1、Fine, smooth, easy to clean

2、High quality hot-dip galvanized iron or aluminum alloy sheets ensure rigidity, high strength, corrosion resistance, weatherability, moisture resistance, and mildew resistance.
3、Uniform color, indoor use, quality assurance for 10 years, strong color connection, easy assembly and disassembly, each piece can be repeated repeatedly.

4、Easy to match all kinds of lamps and Fixtures

Suggested application:
1、Shopping mall, supermarket

2、Outdoor facilities, gas stations, toll stations
3、The subway, the station, the airport, the bus station

4、School, office, conference room
5、Buildings, corridors, and toilets


Clean occasions are especially ideal:

Office, office building, shop

Canteens, restaurants, kitchens

Hospital, etc.

Sound absorption performance:

Punching plate with soundtex sound absorbing paper

Noise reduction factor: NRC= 0.7

Sound insulation level:

Soundproof grade of no hole board: CAC=40dB

Soundproof grade of punching plate: CAC=24dB

Fire resistance:

BSI fire test in Britain (BS476)

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