Decorative flower-shaped aluminum alloy carved plate square plate
  • 产品介绍

Product Name: Decorative flower-shaped aluminum alloy carved plate square plate

Product model: XJ

Specifications: 1200*2400mm / 1200*3000mm / 1200*4000mm / or any other size

Product brand: XINJING

Production base: Nanhai, Foshan

Material: iron or aluminum

Function: fire prevention

Thickness: 3-20mm (guaranteed foot thickness)

Surface treatment: outdoor full polyester powder coating (automatic electrostatic spraying line, uniform color)

Fire performance: British BSI fire test pass (BS476)

Surface finishing: engraving / plane / punching / three-dimensional stamping


Recommended application

-Shopping, supermarket

- outdoor facilities, gas station, toll booth

- subway, train station, airport, coach station

- school, office, meeting room

- building lobby, hallway and bathroom



Ideal for clean areas, offices, office buildings, shops, canteens, restaurants, kitchens, hospitals, etc.


product advantages:

- Fine, smooth and easy to clean

- panel rigidity and flatness are super strong

- corrosion resistance, weather resistance, moisture resistance, mildew resistance

- Uniform color, indoor color warranty for ten years

-Easy to match various lamps and equipment, easy to load and unload

- Each piece can be independently assembled and disassembled multiple times


Warranty: polyester powder coating, fluorocarbon coating, polyester paint spraying, quality assurance, indoor and outdoor use, 10 years unchanged color!

Packing: Xinjing standard carton packaging (each square plate is individually packaged with protective foam)


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