All-glass curtain wall

All-glass curtain wall of glass is ribbed glass panels and glass curtain wall posed. All-glass curtain wall is divided into land-Block (trough) glass curtain wall and glass-curtain wall hanging. 4 meters high are usually made in Block-style, made more than 4 meters-hanging. Its performance characteristics are as follows:
1, the glass surface with the rib structure of the glass transparent plastic used to connect to absorb the deformation in different directions.
2, according to the needs of the architectural features embedded into, or flush-prominent. Hanging folder to avoid the occurrence of glass pressure arising from the destruction of enemy.
3, the use of the permeability of glass, inside and outside the building to create space and the flow of integration to achieve harmony between man and nature reunification.
4, as the supporting structure of glass can be transparent to the maximum to create space.
5, applies to public buildings and shopping malls decorated the lobby of the window decoration.


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