xinjing ceiling walls of the advantages of product

xinjing ceiling walls of the advantages of products
"SunKing (Yang Pa)," "xinjing Industrial Co., Ltd. to launch the brand integration ceiling. A combination of products, the most popular style of design advantages of the East and the essence of Chinese traditional culture, excellent quality, unique charm, for the ceiling, ceiling, walls, aluminum veneer, such as cellular plate on top of space to create a magnificent Visual effects and the free space to enjoy:

Product advantages
◆ large-scale production, lower production costs, so that the product of ultra-high to maintain profit margins at the same time, extremely cost-effective;

◆ xinjing has a number of patented technologies, including IPIB, which form the integrated xinjing of the core of the ceiling products more competitive.

R & D strengths

◆ With more than 20 years the ceiling, ceiling, walls, aluminum veneer, board cellular research and development experience, for a number of well-known domestic and foreign enterprises with strong support;

◆ have more than two decades of industry elite designers, a large number of leading experts in the ceiling, ceiling, walls, aluminum veneer, board products such as cellular design and the design of space research and development team and outside the brain systems for the provision of strong xinjing behind the scenes Support;

Manufacturing advantage

◆ King has a new large-scale production advantages. The company is located in Foshan City of the South China Sea five-star Xiao Tang Industrial Zone, covers an area of 20000 square, the new King is a pioneer in the production of metal ceilings, there are 21 years of professional design, production ceiling metal ceiling, aluminum curtain wall veneer and experience in Production capacity of more than one million square industry leading enterprises. .

◆ assembly with a full set of the introduction of modern automated production equipment, testing equipment with global standards, product testing standards are higher than the national standard;

◆ use of advanced production management methods, SGS, ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification.

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