Smart glass curtain wall technology

Traditional glass curtain wall technology, the use of a large number of serious light pollution, a large number of energy consumption, the line of sight interference, indoor health quality. To solve these problems, a new type of glass curtain wall with - smart glass curtain wall technology has in Germany, Britain and other Western European countries to develop.

Smart glass curtain wall of glass walls, including a broad sense, ventilation, air-conditioning systems, environmental monitoring systems, automatic control system. The core technology is a special distinct from the traditional curtain walls one by one heat channel walls. It is mainly from a single glass screen and a bad double-glass curtain wall components. Two walls in the middle of a buffer zone in the buffer zone there are two ends of the upper and lower exhaust into the air and facilities. Hot channel walls working principle is the middle of winter and outside the walls of the two-channel due to the heat of the sun radiation temperature, like a greenhouse. This raised the equivalent of the inside walls of the outer surface temperature, reducing the building's heating mining operating costs. Inside and outside walls in the summer of two-wide channel of heat inside the high temperature, then open the channel up and down at both ends of the hot exhaust air into the mouth of the channel due to the thermal chimney effect of hot air produced in the passage of air movement within the channel away the heat This will reduce the inside walls of the outer surface temperature, reduce air-conditioning load and save energy. By the outer walls designed to be closed, the inside walls designed to open the ceremony, so that both ends of the channel from top to bottom into the air vents in the regulation of the channel with the formation of negative pressure, the use of interior walls on both sides of the fan pressure and be able to open the building The formation of air-time for ventilation.


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