Integration is the ceiling of the ceiling-to-date

In fact, steel plate by the second generation of ceiling materials from PVC to improve, also known as UPVC, it has the advantage of good value for money, use a small amount of distortion, good scrubbing, good gloss, color patterns on the surface of change There are many, and resistant to pollution, noise, good insulation properties, in particular, the new technology to add fire-retardant material, the use of safer noise insulation performance, the production is also easy to install. However, the strength of steel plate low and easy to distort, not recycling, combustion releases toxic gases.
The most high-end fashion most of the ceiling should be integrated, following the overall kitchen and bathrooms as a whole, the kitchen space for the upper ceiling decoration of the latest products, which today represents the kitchen's decorative ceiling of-the-art technology. Integrated ceiling to break the tradition of the original ceiling unchanged, will be the product of the original modular components, the widest possible choice of ceiling materials, heating ventilation and lighting module and the results at a glance, can be a one-time solution to the problem of ceiling .

Integrated ceiling of choice is relatively simple, first of all depends on the appearance of the product to see whether the module formation, the surface is smooth and clean; followed by the technology to see inside, in particular the inherent function of electrical connection is neat, whether or not to work well, the spare parts Whether the brand and so on.

In addition it is worth reminding that the kitchen ceiling is the most critical to the construction process of grasping the sense of propriety, that is a fixed thing when bored, do not get too boring. Construction of the past, there is such a case, because of a deep drilling could damage the original water-proof capability, opening the Pandora's Box, so, when the drilling proposal to maintain the best 3-4 cm. Lvkou Ban is currently on the market based on the thickness of the differences are very different, proposals or consumer choice of formal and decorative product brands.


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