In the quarter-finals with Curtain walls of Brand

In the face of China's economic development process of China's doors and windows, curtain wall industry has been developing a broad space. In such a good environment, we focus on energy-saving construction of public buildings felt the situation of the development trend of "openness and exchange, the feelings of natural sunlight." Point-supported walls block the view of the sun at least, so simple, transparent, giving the sunshine and comfortable. Energy-saving, the use of hollow glass curtain walls, air circulation good way to play the role of the insulation to achieve energy efficiency. "" Energy shortage has become the world's most important issues to be resolved, energy-saving building construction industry is the main direction for future development. As a building material machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises in research and development equipment, first of all to consider the use of business equipment to produce the products to meet market demand, increase the rate of qualified products, will be able to reduce the number of scrap material. At the same time, equipment manufacturers should lead to environmental protection, energy saving building enterprise development to stimulate the construction industry as a whole to achieve energy-saving goal. "

 As a result, aluminum curtain wall and windows industry must establish a sense of quality, we must put an end to a small number of low-grade production of inferior products, set a good image of the industry, aluminum doors and windows so that the walls in our country in building high-end external support structure of the product-led.

In addition, to increase the thermal insulation products, acoustic performance, we must promote the use of a large number of aluminum insulation, insulating glass and high-quality accessories, but also widely used in various methods of system design, developed with the application of the economic conditions of our country A new type of product. At present, China has to "energy saving and environmental protection" as well as excellent products "green energy" technologies should vigorously promote the universal and into our present aluminum curtain wall and windows of the industry mainstream    

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